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7 Minute Muscle

7 Minute Muscle is a fitness program designed to help busy people get in shape by spending just minutes in the gym every week instead of hours upon hours.

While most "get in shape fast" books claim you need to start taking a vast array of supplements, this one actually reveals that the vast majority of supplements aren't worth the money and can in fact hinder your progress.

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Product Details

Developed by Jon Benson, best selling author of Fit Over 40 and The Every Other Day Diet, 7 Minute Muscle promises to help you lose fat and gain muscle with short 7 minute workouts.

The course is definitely designed with the busy person in mind.  Around here, that's a good thing since we don't have a lot of time to be spending in the gym.  

One thing.  Don't get this product assuming that it will be an easy 7 minute workout and you'll be done.  The workouts may be short, but they're very intense and if you want to see results, you will need to keep the intensity level very high. 

Price: $77. One time fee.

Return Policy: 60 Day unconditional money back guarantee

5 star rating
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Get results with short but intense 7 minute workouts
Save time
Learn which supplements aren't worth the money (i.e. most of them)
checkbox Save your body and joints from needless abuse

Video - An amazing chest in minutes
Video - A sculpted back in minutes
Video - Sexy shoulders in minutes
Video - Hot legs in minutes
Video - Great arms in minutes
Video - Your best butt & legs at home in minutes

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Consumer Feedback

"...The key is the environment you put your muscles through. When you're at the gym and you give yourself a short, but EXTREMELY INTENSE workout, your muscles will grow... "  
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"The results are great. That really isnít the amazing part. What is amazing is how good the results are for a lot less invested time. For me, my time is worth money and I canít stand working out for an hour and than coming home in the evening and trying to figure out all 6 meals for tomorrow. Thatís hard. I just need something simple, and doesnít eat up time...."  
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"My workouts every day last about seven to ten minutes just like the ebook says, and these intense exercises have made my body much leaner now."  
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