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Fat Burning Furnace

Fat Burning Furnace is a weight loss and fitness course designed to help you kick your metabolism into overdrive. 

The program combines exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle techniques to help you lose weight without feeling hungry, and to help get your metabolism working faster than it would normally otherwise.

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Product Details

Developed by Rob Poulos, a man who has struggled with being overweight like so many these days, the Fat Burning Furnace program was designed to help regular folks lose weight and look great.

The program involves no restrictive diets or calorie counting nor does it rely on diet pills or those weird exercise gadgets.  The part that really surprised us was that it doesn't even promote cardio as necessary.  Instead, it promotes resistance training as the exercise you need to do.

This program certainly isn't a magic bullet - there is still going to be some effort required on this program if you want to see results, but generally the results come pretty fast for most people. 

Price: $39.97-$69.97 Basic & Deluxe Versions.

Return Policy: 60 Day unconditional money back guarantee

4 star rating


Eliminate hunger and still eat delicious meals and snacks several times a day
Lost weight exercising less than 1 hour a week
Triple your current energy levels
checkbox Impress your family and friends with your seemingly effortless weight loss

Video - How to create "body illusion" and target your problem areas

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Consumer Feedback

"...Rob did a good job of defining the key diet and nutrition tips that can make a big difference in your fat loss, but failed to go further in to proper post workout nutrition and defining special nutrition like certain fats and dairies that can actual make you leaner.... "  
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"[The Diet] is where Rob Poulos managed to lose a little bit of the power from his guide...."  
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"...You donít need to sacrifice carbs, which is great for me, I love bread. Thereís no will power necessary, meaning you wonít have to give up your favorite foods. And you donít reach a limit. Meaning that once you lose 20 or 30 pounds, it wonít stop working for you. Once you turn your body into a fat burning furnace, the fat continues to burn, even while you sleep.

I loved using the program and I began to see immediate results. I havenít had to sacrifice any of the foods I enjoy. And best of all, the results have stayed results. I havenít gained any weight back; I just keep losing with this program."

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